The Map of Mysteries tea towel


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The Ancient Magical Map of Mysteries of the Land of Undergrowby.

We have had the magic Map printed on a tea-towel so anyone can buy a copy and keep it in a handy place, ready for consultation at all times, or just to brighten up a room, hanging on a wall You could even use it for drying your dishes. It is said to spread peace, harmony and good luck all around, by virtue of its mere presence..

Printed on a 100%, colourfast, cotton tea towel. 72cm x 46cm.

The land of Undergrowby is an invisible gnome-world which exists just under the surface of life as we know it. It is a very ordinary place, much like our world, but more basic. What happens in Undergrowby affects our world, and vice-versa.

The gnomes, known as Growbies, are gentle, innocent, harmless, and like most endangered species, have survived for thousands of years, like ourselves, more by great good luck than by anything else.

They are very lucky little creatures, and their good luck rubs off on all who come into contact with them. This good luck is, however, no mere accident. Growbies work hard at being lucky. They are very superstitious and are propped up on all sides by an array of lucky little whatnots and magical tools. One of those tools is the magic Map.

The ancient map is a magical plan, a perfect, lucky layout for life. It is not only a plan of a gnome village, it is a map of how nature interplays most harmoniously with its myriad life forms, and influences. Its logic is based on the predictable transformations of the five elements, fire, earth metal, water and wood. When

life raises a doubt or a worry about what to do, Growbies use the Map to play a game of chance which guides them to the most perfect course of action in all things. It helps take the confusion out of a Growby’s life. Confusion is a great time-waster.

In ancient times, Undergrowby was massive. Invisibly, it spread over the whole of the land from sea to sea, but things have changed so much over the centuries, what with bulldozers, lawnmowers and concrete, that the Growbies are forced to become tunneling nomads. They still form little settlements above ground here and there, wherever life permits, but as with icebergs, there is always more underneath than on top. (There may be an Undergrowby tunnel running under your house as we speak!) Wherever Growbies settle, they try to recreate the ancient map of Undergrowby the best they can.